Studio LB

Small Business Coaching

As a small business owner myself, I realize the vast amount of work you have to do! It's hard work! I am here to help. If you feel overwhelmed and want a second set of eyes, drop me a message. I would love to help you succeed. 

Social Media Coaching

After successfully running many social media accounts for small businesses, I decided to transition into empowering business owners. If you are struggling with your social media game, would like to see higher engagement, or maybe you don't know where to start, reach out to me about social media coaching for your small business. 

Rockin R Images

Rockin R Images

Equestrian Coaching

I specialize in helping riders find harmony with their horses. As with my life, my riding background is a combination of east meets west. I spent my fondest childhood memories on ranch horses working cows and running barrels. My teenage and young adult life was spent in dressage and eventing barns under some incredible trainers. I have since moved back west and am now merging my classical dressage background with western disciplines. I offer clinics like "dressage exercises for barrel horses." If you are interested in hosting a clinic or having coaching sessions with me, please shoot me an email. I am located in South Central South Dakota. 


Do you need to add some dressage into your western horse? If the answer to any of the questions below are yes, then yes! 

  • Does your horse need more push from behind?

  • Do you struggle with shoulder control around barrels?

  • Do you want better collection in your horses?

  • Do you want to do lateral work?

  • Would you like more connection and harmony with your horse?