the circular nature of things


I know you've seen this all over my website, but I am in love with this piece and this photo. This weaving is part of a new series based on the circular nature of life. 

Often times, my life feels quite circular- revisiting places or things or people. A returning from an exile of sorts. Trevor Hall plays a song that says "sometimes I don't feel at home, like exodus in my own soul, and I want to return..." that song has reverberated through my life for the past few years and now I feel the weight shift. Return always looks differently than we think it will. This piece was woven in contemplation of this- from my childhood friend becoming my boyfriend to returning to the place I left years ago when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Life is like a circle that is really a series of straight lines. Do you feel this way?

In tapestry weaving, circles are more like illusions. Straight lines create the visual of curved lines and I am enchanted. Keep an eye out for more tapestries as they emerge on here and on my instagram. Grace and Peace my friends.

I'm pretty excited about life right now.