Creativity is a gift we all share.  It is integral to what it means to be human.  In the act of creating, we enter into a sacred space. A space where we express to the world what she ought to be. Far too often I have neglected creativity. He has fallen behind the gods of efficiency, busyness, and money. Maybe you are like me and feel a little guilty for spending time drawing when you could be grading papers or putting in a few more hours at work. Its a challenge- juggling life. Growing up tends to stifle our creativity and it shouldn't. 

I teach a creative writing class to a wonderful, innovative group of highschool students. As a teacher, I am incredibly careful to foster and protect the creativity of my students. I bristle at any comment that might cause them to question their creativity. I know the struggle of the insecure creative, the person terrified to subject their hearts to the scrutiny of others. Our art is our heart. It is a way of expressing our deepest emotions through poetry, visual arts, stories, and photographs. In the course of this semester, I realized that I do not follow my own advice in fostering creativity.  I ask my students to write unedited, to create daily, to create freely, and to be brave in that. I now give myself and you permission to follow that advice. 

"Creativity does not require perfection, it requires faithfulness."

Today, I found myself sitting in a coffee shop watching the wonderful documentary Unbranded. I found myself sorely missing my horses. In an attempt to multitask, I started free-handing a letter design from Pinterest. It soon turned into the first horse I've sketched in ages. My fingers quickly remembered the once familiar lines. I am tempted to critique the crooked lines... and would've never posted anything this rough before. BUT, creativity does not require perfection, it requires faithfulness. 

May we learn to meet with creativity recklessly, freely, and passionately. May you, dear friend, learn to live unedited.