About me

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I'm in my late twenties and all throughout my life, I have been a creative person. I love the act of making something. From cakes to cinches, I believe that when we create we reach into the history of the world and hear the echo from the Garden of Eden. My life is confusing to most people. I run a very multi-faceted business and will soon add being a ranch wife to my resume. 

My fiance and I met when we were twelve. Here we are years later, reconnecting on the east coast, and now building a life in ranch country. My life is a very literal "East Meets West" from North Carolina and Georgia to South Dakota.  So many of my friends and followers have asked for more posts about ranch life, so keep an eye out for more than just hum drum stories. I hope to begin to write ranch histories and tell the old stories of blizzards and cattle rustlers. 

Life is infinitely strange. I take it in stride. My business embodies that. Each facet was the result of sheer curiosity meeting a need in my community of friends and clients. Here, I offer my insight on small business, life, art, and horses. All of these things are my passions. Here on this site, they merge. 

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